Is mSpy Really the Best Mobile Monitoring Software on the Market?

Yes, it definitely is. Read our mSpy customer review and you will know why. It can change you life completely –  you will know if your son is hanging out with a bad company or your daughter is dating with the wrong guy. The feature range is simply awesome,  I will name just a few things you can do with this app: read text messages, track calls, read Facebook chats, spy on WhatsApp messages, track location, etc.

Cost effective Cell Phone Tracker

Unlike many other cell phone tracking solutions, mSpy offers short-term subscription packages. Not sure if it does what it promises? Subscribe to 1-month package and find out.  Long-term subscriptions are fairly inexpensive, taking into account the number of features offered.

mSpy Basic License:

  • mSpy 1 month license for only $ 39.99
  • mSpy 3 month license for only $ 59.99

mSpy Premium License:

  • mSpy 1 month license for only $ 69.99
  • mSpy 3 month license for only $ 119.99
  • mSpy 6 months for $149.99
  • mSpy 12 months for $199.99


Computer monitoring software available for Mac and Windows.

Catch your chance to Record PC/Mac/Mobile Activity FOR FREE!

  • 100% Undetectable
  • Monitor Remotely from Web
  • View Screenshots + Keystrokes
  • See all Email, IMs, Web + More

mSpy for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry

mSpy software is compatible with almost all popular smartphones and tablets. You just need to make sure that there is Internet connection on your target mobile device most of the time. If it’s iPhone or an iPad you need to monitor, make sure it’s jailbroken. Need to track Android? Then check whether it’s rooted – some features such as Keylogger and instant messengers will work only on rooted devices.

  • track any Android phone without touching the phone every time you want to read sms.
  • track iPhone 5 to see who your daughter is chatting in Whatsap and Viber.
  • track Samsung Galaxy s3 and Galaxy s4 to see text messages and calls made from cellphone.
  • spy on another persons Android HTC and see what’s on phone online.

Why people install mobile tracking apps like mSpy? Visit demo page and you will know why mSpy has over 1 million users all over the world!

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mSpy software will work for you like 007 himself! The unique and innovative features of the mSpy spyware will fulfill your tracking needs and you will be able to stay in the know about your kids’ life or make sure your employees are doing what they are paid for.


mSpy Features

1. Monitor calls

Everything will be possible if you use mSpy spyware to track your target phone. This spy app will send you the call log of the monitored phone. You will find out who called, when, and how long each conversation lasted.

2. Spying on SMS or MMS, read their sms from your phone or get all texts on your computer!

View-SMS-150x150 mSpy will give you the option to get all the incoming and outgoing text messages or multimedia messages of the monitored device. You will see the messages in your control panel even if they were deleted by the user. mSpy app will show you every single character of the text messages. So nothing will remain hidden from you!

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3. Track GPS location and see where the person is real time!

Track-GPS-Location-150x150If you want to locate physical location of the monitored cell phone, use mSpy GPS location feature. You will get exact physical location of the monitored phone including real time, date and duration. You’ll see the entire route history on a map the route map of the tracked phone too.

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4. Control the device remotely

mSpy spy software will let you control the monitored device remotely. If you worry about the security of your business data, mSpy spy app will ensure the security via control panel. You can control the tracked phone remotely – mSpy lets you block and delete any data from the monitored phone so that your employees can not steal any confidential data.

5. Track internet browsing details

mSpy will give you live coverage of internet browsing on the monitored smartphone or tablet. mSpy will give you access to visited website lists, download history, browsing history.

6. Spy on Emails and get access to chat messages

mSpy will allow you to read Email messages sent/received by the device user. Any popular instant messaging apps installed on the phone? No problem – mSpy gives you access to messages sent via WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and iMessage!

7. Spy on stored pics, videos!

Once you install the mSpy on your target cell phone, you will get full access to stored images and videos.

8. Get Secret Selfie

Set mSpy to secretly activate the camera each time the user unlocks the device.

9. Block calls, apps, and websites

mSpy will give you the option to block unwanted apps, websites, and even calls from any given number.

10. Get SIM change notifications

Get notified each time the user changes their SIM card.

11. Set geofences

Set virtual barriers for the user of the target device and get alerts whenever the user exits/enters prohibited/allowed zones.

12. Check keystrokes

The keylogging feature of mSpy will let you see each keystroke typed on the target device, within any app! Search phrases, messages, typed URLs, and more.

13. Get access to Contacts and Calendar

Look through the Phone Book on the target device and find out who the user is communicating with. Stay in the know about each planned meeting, read notes and tasks.

14. 24/7 customer service

Once you install the mSpy then you will get 24/7 customer support from the skilled customer support team of mSpy. You can contact them via email, live chat service or phone.

How can I install mSpy mobile spy tracking app?

You can easily find the mSpy spy app. Just visit mSpy website and select your subscription according to your needs. Fill in the order form and place your order. Go to your email inbox and follow the mSpy installation guideline of the email received from mSpy.

How can you use mSpy if you suspect someone of inappropriate activities?

Maybe you think that your teen son is lying about where he is? You can track his location by his phone and see his exact location on a map by installing this tracking app. You can read your daughter’s sms and know if something is wrong with her. What else can you do with mSpy?

  • read someones sms without them knowing
  • track location using gps tracking on the google maps
  • read all facebook messages and facebook chatting history without hacking a cell phone
  • read iMessages and text messages from locked iPhone
  • get SMS from an Android iPhone on your computer and be able to read them without person knowing
  • see pictures from cell phone from the web online
  • cell detective spyware which really works will send all messages from your target phone to your cellphone invisibly
  • without a touch track someones iphone
  • install Android tracking app to see everything from another phone without owner knowing
  • read whatsapp messages
  • read deleted messages from your target cell phone
  • record calls and remotely see all sms from your target phone
  • get an Android keylogger to see Facebook messaging history
  • hack an iPhone to check SMS and iMessages
  • Android spy app to track SMS, calls, GPS locations, WhatsApp, Facebook, pics and video on Android from another phone
  • track galaxy s3, Galaxay s4 and other android phones without installing detectable app.
  • track iphone app online from your laptop.

Purchase mSpy Mobile Spying Software

First you need to purchase the mSpy software. Be sure that you are the owner or the authorized administrator of the device that you want to track. You must use the mSpy software for legal purposes only.  Just visit the mSpy website and go to the Buy Now Page. If you accept the mSpy Legal Agreement, just click Next and complete your billing information and place the order along with your e-mail address. mSpy will send you an email with further instructions.

Download mSpy

mSpy team will send you an email along with the password just after your order is completed. Use the password and create your own online mSpy account. Just after logging in, you will be asked to select the operating system of the target mobile device. Done? Now download the Mobile Spy software and install the app to the target mobile device. Please note that mSpy installation instructions vary depending on the OS your phone is powered by. You can have the installation instructions from the mSpy online User Manual. Within 20 minutes after successful installation of the mSpy software, you’ll start getting the first logs about phone activities. mSpy will work surreptitiously on the target phone – there will be no mentions of the software presence on the device.

Combination code

After the installation of the mSpy software, it will be hidden to the user of the tracked phone. Now you need to dial the combination code that you received from the wizard on the target mobile device.

Enjoy your monitoring!

Once all the settings are configured, mSpy will let you enjoy your monitoring activities. This spy app will record every activity of the monitored device and will send all the data to your online mSpy account. You only need to log in to your mSpy online account and use the Control Panel for your monitoring. You don’t need to have the phone in your hands to check all its data. Get access to all the logs remotely from any desktop PC, mobile or from any tablet with internet connection.

Technological progress made our life faster, but now we all are too busy to  find enough time for our beloved family. Modern children are glued to their smartphones – they play games, use social networks, chat with friends, etc. How can we protect them if we have no time to monitor them? The only solution is mobile spying software. Through the spying software parents can monitor the kids’ online activities and take active measures when something inappropriate is discovered.

Business owners can also benefit from using mSpy. They need to monitor the employees’ activities for the best productivity and to ensure the security of sensitive data. What if their employees are goofing off work watching YouTube videos, playing online games, chatting using Facebook, Skype or other messengers, visiting adult websites or having online shopping? At worst, they could leak your business secrets! mSpy can put all such worries to rest, making employee monitoring as easy as ABC.

There are different cell phone tracking software companies in the market, which makes it easy to get lost amidst the myriads of catchy offers! Still, mSpy is the best phone spy software in the market.

Its advantages are:

  • stealth mode – absolutely unobtrusive and undetectable
  • a great team of customer support representatives is just a phone call or a chat message away
  • intuitive and user-friendly interface of mSpy Control Panel – even a caveman could use it!
  • apart from standard monitoring features, mSpy includes Keylogger, SnapChat tracking, geofencing, content filtering tools, which makes it one of the most comprehensive cell phone tracking solution!
  • compatibility with all popular devices, including iPhones and iPads.
  • No hidden fees, free updates and improvements, additions of new features, discounts.

Important update!

mSpy for computers has been officially released, it’s not longer in beta version and is not offered for free. Pricing plans start from $19.99 per month. Need to monitor both a smartphone and a computer? Get mSpy monitoring bundle and save over 10%!