mSpy – Mobile Phone Spy Software Review

Is mSpy Really Best Mobile Monitoring Software on the Market?

Yes it is. Read our mSpy customer review and you will know why. It can change you life completely, you will know if you spouse cheats on you, you can track his/her text messages, you can track your child’s cell phone and many more. It has large list of features, I will just name few here: read text messages, track calls, record calls, read facebook chats, spy on Whatsapp messages, track location.

What makes mSpy a leader on the tracking apps technology market? – Cost effectiveness!

In terms of your monitoring and benefits, this mSpy software is very cheap. Besides you can choose the duration of time according to your need and can save your money too. You can select the length of time according to your need.

mSpy Basic License:

  • mSpy 1 month license for only $ 39.99
  • mSpy 3 month license for only $ 59.99

mSpy Premium License:

  • mSpy 1 month license for only $ 69.99
  • mSpy 3 month license for only $ 119.99


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Computer monitoring software available for Mac and Windows.

Catch your chance to Record PC/Mac/Mobile Activity FOR FREE!

  • 100% Undetectable
  • Monitor Remotely from Web
  • View Screenshots + Keystrokes
  • See all Email, IMs, Web + More

mSpy is compatible and can track remotely almost all smartphones and tablets

mSpy software works almost every cellphones or tablets. Only you need to ensure internet connectivity. mSpy works smoothly with iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, ZTE, Google, Phillips, etc. mSpy installing is the best way to:

  • track someones iPhone without person knowing
  • track any Android phone without touching the phone every time you want to read a receive sms
  • track iPhone 5 to see who is your husband chatting in Whatsap and Viber
  • track Samsung Galaxy s3 and Galaxy s4 to see text messages and calls made from cellphone
  • spy on another persons Android HTC and see whats on phone online
  • and any other smartphone device! BlackBerry, Symbian, iOS, Win Mobile – mSpy can track any cell phone!

Why People install mobile tracking apps like mSpy? Please visit demo page and you will know, why mSpy has over 1 million users all over the world!

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mSpy software will work for you like 007 himself! The unique and innovative features of the mSpy spyware will fulfill your need and you will able to have full control upon your family members, business partners, kids, employees, spouse or any targeted persons.


mSpy Features

1. Monitoring calls and listen to conversations live!

Everything will be possible, if you use mSpy spyware to track your targeted phone. This spy app will send you the call log of the tracked phone. You will get all the incoming & outgoing calls with duration of calls, date and time. mSpy spyware will send you missed calls record too.

2. Spying SMS or MMS, read their sms from your phone or get all txts on your computer!

View-SMS-150x150  mSpy will give you the option to get all the incoming and outgoing text messages or MMS of the tracked phone. You will get the messages even they were deleted from the tracked phone. mSpy app will provide you every single character of the text messages of the tracked phone. So nothing is hidden for you!

Click Thumbnail to View full Size!

3. Track GPS location and see where the person is real time!

Track-GPS-Location-150x150If you want to locate physical location of the tracked cell phone then use mSpy GPS location feature. You will get exact physical location of the tracked phone including real time, date and duration. Besides you will able to get the route map of the tracked phone too. For the best result you can use Google map. Besides if the phone is lost then you can block the phone remotely to protect the stored information.

Click Thumbnail to View full Size!

4. Remote smartphone control & record surroundings!

mSpy spy software will let you control the tracked phone remotely. If you are thinking about the security of your business classified information then mSpy spy app will ensure the security via control panel. You can control the tracked phone remotely and can block and delete any data from the tracked phone so that your employee can not leak any classified data. Besides you can record surroundings sound to know about the activities when you are not there?

5. Tracking internet browsing, see what sites your husband visited from his phone!

mSpy will give you live coverage of internet browsing on the targeted mobile phone. mSpy will provide you every single information about visited website lists, download history, browsing history, chatting history using skype, MSN messengers, Facebook, WhatsApp messengers, Yahoo messengers, etc. with real time and date.

6. Email spying & Whatsapp chatting history! (read emails, hack password on Gmail, Yahoo. AOL)

mSpy will give you full control over the tracked mobile devices. If you need then you can get all the emails. Besides you can see the chatting history using Skype, messengers or Facebook to ensure your monitoring steps.

7. Spy on stored pics, videos!

Once you install the mSpy on the targeted cell phone then you will get full access over stored images, videos or other multimedia files. You can block any item from the targeted phone according to your need. See yor girlfriend pics from her cell phone easily and without touching her phone.

8. Silent informer!

Once you install mSpy spyware on the targeted cellphone then you will get every activity information of the tracked phone. Tracked person will never know about your activity and this spy app is almost impossible to detect on the tracked phone.

9. Block options, apps, websites!

mSpy will give you option to block unwanted apps, software, websites of the tracked phone. You can delete any app from the phone too. Besides you can erase any stored image or video from the tracked phone too.

10. 24/7 customer service

Once you install the mSpy then you will get 24/7 customer support from the skilled customer support team of mSpy. You just need to communicate via email, live cat service or via Skype. The support team will solve your problem within 24 hours!


How can I install mSpy mobile spy tracking app?

You can easily find the mSpy spy app. Just visit mSpy website and select your subscription according to your need. Fill up the order form and place your order. Now you need to pay the payment. Go to your email inbox and follow the mSpy installation guideline of the email received from mSpy.

How can you use mSpy if you suspect someone cheating on you?

Maybe you think that your husband is lying about where he is? You can track your husbands location by his phone and see his exact location on maps by installing a tracking app. You can read your wife’s sms and know if something is wrong with your relationships. What else can you do to catch a cheater with mSpy?

  • read someones sms without them knwoing
  • track your girlfriends location using gps tracking on the google maps
  • read all facebook messages and facebook chatting history without hacking a cell phone
  • read imessages and text messages from locked iPhone
  • get sms from an Android iPhone on your computer and be able to read them without person knowing
  • see pictures from your girlfriend cell phone from the web online
  • cell detective spyware which really works will send all messages from your husbands phone to your cellphone invisible
  • without a touch track someones iphone
  • install android tracking app to see everything from another phone without owner knowing
  • read your boyfriends whatsapp messages
  • view whatsapp chat history
  • read deleted messages from you wife/husbands cell phone
  • record calls and remotely see all sms from your husbands phone when he is not home
  • track your boyfriends whatsapp messages
  • get an android keylogger to see facebook messaging history
  • hack an iphone to check sms and imessages
  • android spy app to track sms, calls, gps locations, whatsapp, facebook, pics and video on your girlfriends android from another phone without
  • track galaxy s3, galaxy s4 and other android phones without installing detectable app
  • track iphone app online from your laptop

Purchase mSpy Mobile Spying Software

First you need to purchase the mSpy software. Be sure that you are the owner or the authorized administrator of the device that you want to track. You must use the mSpy software for the legal purposes.  Just visit the mSpy website and go to the appropriate Order Page. If you agree to the mSpy Legal Requirements then just click next and complete your billing information and place the order along with your e-mail address. mSpy will send you an email with next instructions. Now you need to click the e-mail and follow the next instructions.

Download the mSpy software

mSpy will send you an email along with the password just after your order is completed. Use the password and create your own online mSpy account. If you want to change the password then use the mSpy control panel settings. Just after logging in, you will find the Wizard and then you need to select the OS of the target mobile device and need to install the surveillance software. Now download the Mobile Spy software and install the program into the targeted mobile device directly. You just need to follow the installation instructions and Installation instructions vary depending on the OS your phone is powered by. You can have the installation instructions from the mSpy online User Manual. After the installation the mSpy software will work silently on the tracked phone and it is almost impossible to detect because no icons or other mentions of the software will be shown on the targeted phone.

Combination code

After the installation of the mSpy software, it will be hidden to the user of the tracked phone. Now you need to dial the combination code that you received from the wizard on the target mobile device.

Besides, sometime you can enjoy mSpy special offer or may get mSpy coupon code to reduce the price. None but you need to ensure the safety and security for your kids as a parent; need to guide your spouse when you are away and need to ensure the productivity of your employees along with ensure the security of the classified information of your business. It is you who care most for the family and for the business! So go and get the mSpy spyware now!

Enjoy your monitoring!

If all the settings are configured then mSpy will let you enjoy your monitoring activates. The working step of mSpy spyware is very simple! This spy app will record every activity of the tracked phone and will send all the records to your online mSpy account. You only need to log on your mSpy online account and use the Control Panel for your monitoring. You don’t need to check the tracked phone physically. You can ensure your monitoring form any desktop PC, mobile or from any tablets with internet connectivity.

Technological developments made our life faster but decrease our emotion. Now we all are too busy and find a little time for our beloved family. We all are running after money to enhance the sum of our bank accounts and for our establishment in life. It is the harsh reality that we need to work in our holidays. We need to remember when we last enjoyed a nice time with our family. Modern children love to spend time with their smartphones. They play games; use social networks, cat with friends and unknown people, etc. They have created their virtual world. Besides parents are busy for their business, solving their professional problems, talking with other professionals over phones and what not? They do not have quality time for their children! Reality is we are having a very busy life. Though we need to take proper care about our children because they are our future and need proper care & monitoring. So, mobile spying software is the ultimate solution for the modern parents. Through the spying software parents can monitor the kids’ online activities to take preventive measures because children need to read, prepare their assignments regularly for the good grade in the exams for their better future.

There is a proverb that “prevention is better than cure”. Parents can monitor every single online activity of their kids through the mobile spying software mSpy. If parents install the mSpy on the targeted smartphone then they can monitor the children’s online activities through the smartphone. Like this the employers need to monitor the employees’ activities for the best productivity and to ensure the security of the business important information. Simply the employers do not know about the employees online activities during office hours! They are probably goofing off watching YouTube videos, playing online games, chatting using Facebook, Skype or other messengers, visiting adult websites or having online shopping! At worst, they could leak your business policies and classified data! Besides, if the employers have huge number of employees then physical monitoring is difficult but monitoring via mSpy is easy and effective.

There is always scope for improvement. Parents or employers can monitor their children or employees using spying software mSpy and then based on the findings parents or employers can talk to their children or employees personally. Give their children or employees proper guideline & motivation and let them know what parents or employers want! By doing this parents or employers can ensure safety and security for the children or the productivity of the business and can use time effectively.

mSpy is the best phone spy software in the market because it will do its work silently after installation  on smartphones. It is the best tool for you if you want to spy on one’s smartphone for monitoring purpose. There are different spyware producers in the market and you may get lost for their catchy offers! But mSpy is the best mobile phone spy software for you because it is an outstanding phone tracker with effective features. mSpy will take a few minutes to install and the using technique of the mSpy is very simple and easy. mSpy will let you know about the route of the spying phone with real time and date. mSpy is what you need. MSpy will provide logs incoming and outgoing calls with real-time. The mSpy user can monitor text messages, those sent and received with time and date. Besides, mSpy ensures to monitor the contents stored in the tracked mobile phone such as videos, pictures, contact lists, emails and logs. In fact the user will able to know exactly whom the tracked persons are communicating with at all time. This monitoring task is very easy because of the mSpy. Just log on the mSpy account and monitor what the targeted person is doing on the cell phone. mSpy will send each and every activity reports that the tracked person has done through the cell phone such as when and what websites were visited, how many calls were made to what numbers, text message sent through the targeted cell phone.


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    How can I install mspy on my phone

  • Alex

    After you purchase the subscription, you will get an email with the detailed instructions on how to install the app in a particular phone.

  • Moz


    I am from India ! Can i use this service in India ?


    • Alex


      The application is available all over the world regardless the carrier you have. The only thing required is the active internet connection on the phone you want to monitor.

  • lucy

    I’m in namibia can i stalled this app with Htc one

    • Alex


      The application is available all over the world regardless the carrier you have. You can easily spy on HTC One, the only thing needed is that the phone should have active internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or the mobile phone operator internet.

  • Kerren

    Hi, I don’t have access to my partner’s phone (it’s an iPhone 5 so only his finger can unlock it). Is there any other way to use mspy to track his calls etc?

    • Alex


      Unfortunately it is not possible to spy on a phone without installing the app into it. You should have about 5 minutes of physical access to their iPhone to install mSpy and be able to monitor the phone’s activity.

  • eli

    It is possible the app to be detected by the owner of the target phone?

    • Alex

      The application is completely invisible. It works as a system background process and cannot be detected by the owner.

  • Mike

    8. Silent informer!

    Once you install mSpy spyware on the targeted cellphone then you will get every activity information of the tracked phone. Tracked person will never know about your activity and this spy app is almost impossible to detect on the tracked phone

    almost impossible to detect ? can you explain

    • Alex

      Yes, you are absolutely right, the app is almost impossible to detect. It works stealthily in the background mode as an Android system application, therefore it is hardly possible catch it.

    • Alex

      You are absolutely right, the application is impossible to detect. It works stealthily as a system background application and thus cannot be caught.

  • Alex


    Unfortunately we cannot install the application for you. You need to take the phone you want to monitor in your hands and install the app by yourself.